I’ve organised, designed, facilitated and run more than 800 WOMEN’S events for WOMEN IN BUSINESS. Yes, do the maths. Weekly for 18 of those years with rarely a week off except for Xmas and if I was sick to the point that medication would not work or I was overseas.
My commitment led me to be a number 1 in 10 countries in volume sales out of 1 million PLUS women who had the same chance within 10 countries. I broke all but one company record and that was for personal sales.
I did not work hard, I worked smart. I helped OTHERS make money and I got paid well only if they made money.
Yes, it’s a little while ago but up until 8 years ago, just the women I led, trained and breathed belief into every single week, passed more than $30,000,000 dollars through their small businesses and bank accounts. That is not all the women, that’s only the ones I was able to get reports on.
I knew the kids and husbands of many of those women. I was able to do research on REAL EVERYDAY WOMEN that I don’t believe anyone has ever been able, or bothered to do before on the Psychology of Women.
As well as more than 1300 hours of scientific research on the female brain (bodies with a uterus). We are so different and everyone is ignoring it in this industry.
Just thought you’d like to know who it is that designed Creatrix® and then Transformology®.
I began as a destitute single mother who had experienced a hell of a childhood, and as a mother of 4 had to flee into hiding for more than a year.
I had zero confidence and even had to learn to smile and eye contact when I entered the business world. If I can do this, don’t underestimate what you can do, with the right leadership, The Creatrix method at your fingertips and the support of Women just like you.
All those decades of knowledge and wisdom is compiled into a massive resources library I GIVE FREE to my Creatrix Transformologists and is still growing. Why? Because they are taking Creatrix (my baby) to the world.
Tonight I’m nostalgic as I’m condensing some boxes of electrical gadgets and found I’ve had 9 microphone sets in those 26 years. I’ve been training female leaders and coaches for 25 of those years. Number 7 plugged into any hotel speaker system and the memories came flooding back when I found it tonight.
I unashamedly share this brag with you, leaving out International awards etc, simply to let you know a little of the background of who went on then, with the above background, to found the Institute of Women International and build it to what it is today.
From just what my head was able to create, women in 23 countries now use as their business toolbox to not just make money but to EMPOWER WOMEN.
Women need us female leaders more than ever, to bring healthy self esteem and confidence back!
No woman is truly free until she can make money to support herself. Life happens and you can back yourself and not make choices from destitution like I once had to.
I promise that I will never treat you or ask anything of you that I wouldn’t ask of my own grown children when you too become a Creatrix Transformologist and add Creatrix into your toolbox.
Love and belief in you, Maz XX