I am sure I have just discovered the DEEPEST, ROOT OF ALL ROOTS, SINGLE ISSUE that needs healing for 90% OF ALL WOMEN, not just me like I first thought.

I believe this is a short cut to break women through the cycles that cause us to be taken advantage of and constantly put into positions that bring us suffering and unable to be present and positive in our heads.

If I said it out loud I’d be accused of gaslighting (worse than telling a woman she smells), so that’s the biggest hurdle. So off I go now to work out how to communicate the message, so they can heal like never before.

What owning and resolving this one single issue in a single session did for me personally, was entirely, overnight, brought back my creativity, healed my illness symptoms, brought me out of extreme fatigue, but best of all, brought back my passion more than ever. I thought it was dead, but it was just right there.

It’s now ONE MONTH LATER, and it’s completely sustained and I cancelled all the specialist appointments and packed away all the supplements and healing gadgets.

P.S. Maybe I created Creatrix® to heal myself, who the f knows. Thankfully I have the kind of women leaders around me brave enough to challenge me (and I resisted so it was not pretty) so it could be identified, to be Creatrixed.

Webinar coming soon teaching on what THE SINGLE ISSUE IS for brave women serious about letting go of unhappiness, misery and what feels like bad luck….

Love and belief in you, Maz xx