Don’t regret your negative experiences from previous courses, roles and jobs.
The biggest influencers that moulded me were the ones who negatively impacting me in some way.
They taught me well what NEVER to do. Their weaknesses became my strengths.
They caused me to create a set of principles and values into my brand before I even launched Institute of Women™️ International and Creatrix Transformology®️.
This is why my facilitator program for coaches, leaders and therapists is structured as it is, such as an ongoing program, (with loads of varied types of support and additions), and not to deliver ‘courses’ with end dates.
You spend all this money to learn a bunch of stuff, then what? You’re left alone to work it all out as you start to implement, only to pay top dollars again to come back to ask questions which rarely surface at a theoretical learning stage.
Now you’re in the field, or ‘trial and error-ing’, the big important questions surface, that require fast answers. So then you feel you need to pay more, again. You lose your confidence. 3 steps forward, 2 backwards.
I learned the value of quality support by not getting it.
What we learn the hard way gets locked in.
Let it make you better, not bitter.
I learned to reward those around me well when they go the extra mile.
I learned to deliver results, or don’t take their money if you can’t.
I learned go that extra mile in deliverance.
I promise to LOVE my people, and never ask of them what I wouldn’t ask from my own grown child.
I learned to be kind to my people, regardless of their performance.
I value their imperfectness, and let them see mine, so they know that it’s normal to f up and get it wrong sometimes.
If you’ve had a call you know the price of the Creatrix Transformology, but what you may not know is the actually value.
We’ve compared it to many things, and you would pay anywhere between $25,000-$50,000+ anywhere else. The bonus Business Success Resources alone is $150,000+ value if actioned. Those tools made me millions of dollars, and they often fly in the face of what I was taught, that I realised didn’t work for most females.
I’m so proud of that, because I know how much we over deliver, preparing you, walking along side you, being there and answering your questions when you most need it.
We don’t upsell, instead we put ALL OF EVERYTHING into this one group. I used to upsell it and teach it in 3 levels and I made a lot more money that way, but it didn’t feel right in my soul to hold back at the first 2 levels.
I’ve had bosses who never delivered on annual awards. I won so many prizes that I never received, and when I’d I ask where they were, I was cut down and accused of being trivial and making a fuss and not caring about making a difference.
This type of toxic business relationship made it hard to succeed when you weren’t valued. I did succeed though, in spite of these bosses and leaders, certainly not because of them.
I sat down and wrote out the perfect program for a woman wanting to successfully break women free from their internal limitations, and that is what the Creatrix®️ Transformology®️ Program is.
When you’re ready to join us, I know you’ll love it. Even just the value of the bonus resources library will blow your mind, because they are tried and proven resources, not a bunch of theory.
I look forward to the day you enrol and join the fast growing group of Transformologists we have in 20 countries and 2 students from another 2 countries.
Remember we have payment plans and the referral bonus program to help you get in sooner.
Watch this video to learn more about me and my journey to creating Creatrix®.
Love and belief in you, Maz xx
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Institute of women