In business, you are only as good as your clients say you are.

I founded Institute of Women™️ International on an excellence promise; to not compromise on outcomes or values. I wanted to overdeliver to our facilitators.

Many times I’ve been tempted to just follow the money, which I could have done by splitting up my teachings into bulk online programs, even teaching Creatrix®️, but with no way to quality control, that would have been negligent.

I wanted safety and a high universal/global standard for my facilitators clients, so I chose the model I use.

I dreamt Creatrix®️ would be renowned for achieving safe, win win win, guaranteed results for women healing their issues, and with safety as the priority, these reviews are the result.

This is all thanks to the quality of the method Creatrix®️, the expectation standards and the AMAZING people at IOWI.

Results is what people want and results is what we guarantee. You don’t see guarantees in this industry, so I knew the bar had to be set high if that was our promise.

Creatrix®️ Facilitators are about to be in 23 countries with Malaysia, India and South Africa making up that number within the next couple of months (as of May 2022).

Institute of Women™️ International is a team of empowered women, helping empower facilitators so they can empower millions of women.

We are blessed to be doing what we love.

(We used to have approx 50 more 5 star reviews before FB deleted them with a change from reviews to recommendations).


Institute of women
Institute of women