ABCDE of successThe A.B.C.D.E. of a new SUPERSIZED Success
takes you Changing and Breaking your limited Cycle to Create a More Powerful Cycle. This is for those who want to update their success levels and take it to the next level which includes limitless possibilities…. Are you ready? Here it is….

A. AWARENESS– Become fully aware. Awaken and come out of any possible denial that’s been occurring. Own where you are at. Acknowledge you are NOT where you want to be, rather than settling for the status quo of your usual height of achievement because it’s easier. Own your stuff. Own what has to change. Admit you want more. Previously you might have stayed where you are because you didn’t know any other way but here and now you will, so have faith.

B. BELIEVE– Believe in the woman in the mirror, actually I take that back…Believe in the little GIRL in the mirror. The one that didn’t die, the one that was once a 3 year old girl with dreams to feel special and the one who didn’t beat herself up. The one who’s eyeballs share yours, they are the same, she didn’t die, she’s still waiting for recognition and doesn’t like it when she gets told she can’t do things. THAT little girl who always wanted to live fully and get to play rather than take on so much heavy and ‘serious’ responsibility. On that note, remember to play and have fun along the way and don’t take life so seriously.

C. COMMIT– If you do not get resolute about changing your circumstances or growing beyond your previous best then NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. Its about making it a ‘no option’. Perhaps the next one should come before this one so read on. There is no ‘maybe’, no ‘try’, no ‘I’ll do it for this long only and will see what happens’. They are weak energy and not commitments at all. They do not empower you with the energy you need to draw to you the set of circumstances needed for BIG change and different circumstances to occur and to bring different people into your life, those necessary to help you on your amazing journey that is possible.

D. DECIDE– Decide to NOT settle anymore. Decide you are moving forward and will do anything, including committing to this decision. Decide you are going to expand your business or be a better person or whatever else it is you are wanting better results with. Even if it’s not ever settling for being treated a certain way again by certain people. Whatever it is you are wanting, without a commitment you WILL NOT change anything, but FIRST it starts with a DECISION. Actually it starts with 2 decisions. The first is to commit to changing, the second is to commit to that commitment!

Lets face it, we ‘decide’ to lose weight, we ‘decide’ to not eat sugar because we know its bad for us, we decide we won’t smoke tomorrow or won’t drink as much alcohol or won’t accept being treated certain ways but we are not talking about decisions made in the sand like that. We are talking about making a decision in concrete. Once it’s made, commitment is made to lock it in, then we commit to that commitment. Sounds a little over the top but if you are serious about MASSIVE CHANGE and breaking through the glass ceiling, this is the way I PERSONALLY DID IT.

E. EXPECT– Just KNOW you are doing it instead of doubting. Remember, there is no ‘try’. That is B.S. Assume success and settle for nothing less. Close your eyes and think about something you KNOW to be true such as the sky is blue and sometimes cloudy. There’s no charge to that feeling is there? No, its not a pumped up hypo state of motivation. No, its bland but it has no negativity either. Its neutral. Depak Chopra says that is the space we all seek that brings about the most. What you know is a belief. Beliefs are knowings, they are truths. Know!

Stay away from the nay sayers. Turn off the news about the economy and how money is tight and all the gloomy news about the world. TURN IT OFF, watch a comedy instead. What’s great about the ‘knowing’ feeling is it has no thoughts that accompany it like ‘try’ does. Try creates the crazy loud thoughts of doubt. This can be mistaken for intuition. Its NOT!!!! Intuition has nothing to do with thoughts or feelings that stem from thoughts.

“I ‘will’ and I don’t know how but I just ‘know’ it will happen”, allows peace of mind and also it’s like the world shifts on its axis and all manner of circumstances come your way that never would have if you were in ‘try’ mode. If you fully get this you are seriously about to explode with success.

F. FAITH– Ok I know it was supposed to just be ABCDE but if I said ABCDEF you may have been overwhelmed and thought it was too hard but you know what? This signs the deal and gets you over the line by busting you through the previously undefined edge of your comfort zone which was limiting you. Are you ready now? Faith is a lot like ‘knowing’ as above. The only difference is, its a little more. Faith in what or who you ask? Who cares!!!! Faith is faith is faith. Its trusting wholeheartedly without any room for doubt. It helps you to KNOW.

Of course many people may find the above advice easy in words however may have to much history that will override you so you will struggle to follow this simple formula.

That is why I created CREATRIX™ because I found from the decade and a half I was training women internationally and myself breaking national records and going from unemployed check out chick (single mum of 4 kids) who was living in hiding to becoming a millionaire and number 1 in 10 countries, I needed to find a way to help women make the shift more easily than I did.

So after studying the female mind and how it gets itself all twisted up with crazy doubtful emotions I had to design a simple way to strip that all out of a woman, regardless of what her past life was like so she too could experience a total success transformation. Then she too could achieve anything and turn her life around and not let her past dictate or determine her future.

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