Psychology began from a mans perception of the psyche, in all that he could fathom within his brain, that became the default of the way our brains work. And it’s never been questioned that the female psyche could work any differently. Therefore, possibly requiring a more compatible array of solutions for women in need of healing her internal pain. 

Even though they know we have differing hormones affecting brain regions, entire world views at macro AND micro levels. Still, if you think about the people you know and the typical different ways males and females process their internal worlds, It’s actually crazy to think we don’t need different approaches, if you really think about it.

Within the personal development industry nothing’s changed much, either from the original basic fundamental assumptions from history that a brain is a brain is a brain and what works for one will work for all… Really?!

Then why is it that personal development events always have more females than males, YET there are more male gurus than females at the front of those rooms. And often if female, they are running the male programs – sometimes to all-female audiences… and that makes it female empowerment (?!) ?‍♀️

What I see from thousands of women I’ve trained in leadership positions around the world over 2 decades, is that women are iPhones and men are Androids and so we have a TONNE of similarities in what we both can do and achieve, but we need compatible software. Compatible apps so we stop trying to be what we are not, therefore never feeling quite anything enough. 

The difference doesn’t always matter, until you look at the big picture and see a large imbalance, with bigger issues than ever. So if all is working… then why is this?

In fact, this industry of so called empowerment is riddled with a lot of dis-empowerment and manipulation, the same used against women in the underground ‘pick up’ world is used to fill the stadiums, retreats and courses where they are like predictable sheep about to be up-sold to. 

The industry has been making billions from women who are still stuck. It’s a well-oiled machine and we are often played for fools. Of course there are well-meaning, caring male gurus too, however they just don’t know what they can’t know about the sex difference of perception. So they do the best with what they have, but still we are 75+% of the income of this industry. 

Then you have the women rising who go the whole extreme opposite and frolic off into fairyland, becoming a soul disconnected from this living earthly experience on the planet, leading other women who also don’t feel like they fit the male paradigm. But they kinda don’t fully feel at home way over there to the left either. 

I think we can have our inner masculine and inner feminine better balanced when we stop denying ‘what’ we actually are and actually consider it without guilt for focusing on YOU, after all isn’t that not putting others first?

I dream of a world where the female sex (the only definition of which is being born with a uterus, so I’m not referring to gender here) is understood, especially by herself as a WHOLE HUMAN BEING, who’s ALSO a FEMALE and ALSO an INDIVIDUAL and that’s OK.

We are not complex, we are misunderstood, not just by others, but by ourselves.

Many women standing out in the industry are simply running the masculine programs (like I used to do) believing it was the only way to succeed, while keeping a big secret that their success is a fluke because deep down they know they weren’t doing what they were preaching, so every other female they were preaching to felt like failures when they couldn’t make it work either. It’s like a big hidden secret among female leaders, and it’s women wearing masks – hoping to never be found out. 

They sucked at setting goals and they hated trying to ‘construct’ their ideal world, but MOST women do not do well with this and even burn out this way unless they do have a lot of testosterone.

It’s unhealthy for us to strive for goals, consistency and working constantly to strategy and plans when there’s a better female way.

We have been desperately needing our own software in each of these industries to fit our slightly different hardware. Until that day we will not feel completely at peace as ourselves.

And the same same with biology and medicine, and endocrinology doesn’t even talk to psychology in regards to female mental health???!!!! Think about how strange that hormones which effect emotions and emotions that affect hormones,  these 2 sisters do not share space. 

Oh so far we have to go… but we have Creatrix®️ now as the first truly female-formulated method to support women in the way THEY need in regards to personal development, through healing all the internal crap, achieved in an easy way through learning about our femaleness and then accessing our own program.

I’ve been tightly following the SWHS (Society of Women’s Health Research) which are a group fighting for more female testing HOWEVER they are entirely funded by pharmaceuticals, which doesn’t bring much faith.

So there’s a basic history lesson to bring understanding to the truth that the difference in sexes is real, and it’s NOT a negative thing that has to cause separation of the sexes. In fact, men do want to understand women, they just need to be open to the fact a difference does exist and it’s in no way a threat. 

As long as we pretend there’s no difference, our needs can’t be truly met in regards to our health – physically, MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

Anyway… awareness begins change. 

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