WHY NOT EVERYONE IS READY FOR CREATRIX® (or therapy, or coaching) AND THAT’S OK. Check here to see if you are ready or not.

If we reject someone, it’s always for their own good because if not ‘ready’ (as at the right stage as set out below), you’ll just give us a hard time and blame Creatrix®, when it wasn’t Creatrix® at all. That’s why I have Transformologists® on a license, so I can ensure they are always understanding this because it’s easy to take money when it’s waved in front of our face, but if it doesn’t serve THE CLIENTS OUTCOME TO BE GUARANTEED than that sits outside of what I created Creatrix® for. Transformology® is the REAL asset to my training for my people, not just learning to facilitate Creatrix®.

If we were just about money (which is often mentioned because we charge one total ‘outcome’ based fee that is all inclusive to help the client be committed ALSO to the OUTCOME, so of course it’s expensive if offered at the wrong stage, but cheap for the client who’s right and ready), we would take everyone on but I teach that would be irresponsible to take even $1, if you can’t guarantee anything for their investment. Having at times been suicidal and frustrated myself over sessions and therapies and coaching, I refused to join the industry that lacks any accountability or confidence for RESULTS.

Here’s what all potential clients and patients need emotionally and mentally and is good for both professional services people and every one of us to know when seeking or delivering services in this industry.

Sometimes we only need the first stage of help, sometimes we need the third only or the second. Everyone is different, however, most require all of these and in this order (my book “I’m NOT OK! W.T.F DO I DO NOW?” is for stages 1 and 2, so I did my bit there).

Giving the wrong support at one of these stages can do MORE HARM than good. Especially when given by professionals who should be taught to know the different stages. But if your training company doesn’t have a HIGH VALUE OF BEING ACCOUNTABLE AND BEING ETHICAL AROUND DELIVERING VALUE, they will only teach what they were taught and help you be ‘price relevant’ to the wrong people.

Knowing WHEN your service is BEST FOR THE CLIENT/PATIENT and WHEN IT’S NOT is important AND when to recognise YOU (as a professional) are blocking your clients/patients from moving on. Learn this, get YOUR PROFESSIONAL insecurities Creatrixed (if YOU TOO are ready) and you never have to work on your self doubts or confidence levels again around delivering break through results EVERY TIME.

Also, to be able to recognise when they are stuck in a loop or mistaking this for love and life because they can’t see beyond the pain, you’ve become as good as it gets. You will see many MEMES saying exactly that, that it is impossible to move forward, but it’s because the author is stuck in a loop and has now adopted that as a limiting belief, or should I say ‘completely blocking off all happiness ever’ belief.

Yes, some people take longer than others in each stage, that is true, but here you can learn how to recognise when they have become addicted to the negative attention and what you can do about it to help them move forward OR at the very least, not confirm their limiting beliefs. Beliefs are powerful and solid truths in the eye of the believer, but in someone without that belief they are a complete fallacy.

Here’s the stages after a catastrophic traumatic event and, no, this isn’t related to the stages of grief. That’s occurring at any of these stages of requiring support and help.

1. SYMPATHY AND EMPATHY – they want to talk to someone, to be heard and acknowledged. This is the role of friends, support groups and counsellors.

2. HOPE through stories and sharing from people who have changed positively from the event, used it to create a purpose and plugged back into life in a way that gives them a quality of life beyond the suffering, mentors and role models.

3. WANT TO TURN THE EVENT INTO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL, no longer WANT to be controlled by the trigger event, instead although can’t get the old life back, wants to integrate into a new life where the event is used to fuel them forward in a new way. Decides they want to feel joy and appreciation for life again. Recognise at some level that death can be a part of life and therefore life becomes more valuable and the event gives it a new meaning.

Have realised that talking about it really is reliving it, which really locks in the suffering, a form of self punishment, so it can’t be moved on from. Ready to move past it and no longer want to live in this way of feeling disconnected and alone in suffering because they mistakenly thought they needed this from others and want to focus on life and living. Realise time is precious.

BUT it’s only at a ‘want’ level.



(The problem here is we think we need just a life coach but that in itself can cause a lot of disappointment)

They stop hanging out with those giving any of the above 1 and 2 and they know, although it won’t be easy, IT’S TIME.
They’ve realised anything other than a true confident Transformologist® (in the sense of the word not just the title) is not going to work because they know they are stubborn in their stuckness, so it’s not just the stuckness that needs addressing, it’s the stubbornness and the cyclic nature of the problem, not just the problem itself.

They know they don’t just need coaching they need HEALING and to resolve the internal stuff so they CAN require coaching. Coaching alone at this stage isn’t enough, they need therapy too but not the types above. Many a person goes to A Life Coach here, only to be disappointed and waste thousands of dollars. Many a life coach takes them on too, taking their money, but it’s 2 steps forward, 1 or 3 steps backwards because they really need the internal pain to be resolved, without removing the memories for when they want to visit them.

Creatrix® being a therapy inside of a coaching tool is PERFECT HERE and this is what it is designed for.
The client or patient know in their gut at this time of wanting FAST, CYCLE BREAKING CHANGE, that these other options are just enabling them to NOT move forward. In some cases, these support people can have their own issues around needing to feel important and NEEDED, so they TOO can be part of the problem, even instilling beliefs that hinder the person.

Support groups are only for stages 1 or 2. After Creatrix®️ you can’t go to these support groups, unless you want to go backwards, and the best test is to go to one. You know what no one else knows in that group and that is that CHANGE CAN HAPPEN FAST, PROFOUNDLY AND PERMANENTLY.

Creatrix®️ Transformologists® know this and are taught not just when someone’s not READY but lots more, so the only money they take from a client IS WITH A 100% GUARANTEED RESULT and we take only ONE amount because we KNOW people are fed up paying for sessions of things and NOT GETTING A RESULT. My Transformologists® are taught how to know when and Creatrix® was built inside of knowing this.
If you get trained to use Creatrix®️ YOU HAVE TO BE TRAINED IN TRANSFORMOLOGY®️ or you TOO add to the problems in the Empowerment and Therapy industries. People think it’s about the TOOL being used but it’s NOT AT ALL ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH. Transformology® is the Psychology of Transformation.

I didn’t want to be part of the industry that is the current problem, I wanted to create a NEW WAY to TRULY EMPOWER AND HEAL WOMEN and that is exactly what we are doing.

Therapists and Coaches and Counsellors need to learn Transformology®, so they too can be more part of the solution and stop feeding the problem of people feeling hopeless.
When you’re service does NOT deliver results, that person feels HOPELESS.

Suicide happens when there is no hope and the state of the industry of professionals is not understanding the ‘hopeless’ cycle. I was there, I know, that’s why I’m so determined to create a solution, which I have done. Creatrix® Transformology® is AVAILABLE and, regardless what stage a client is at, they need to know THAT WHEN THEY ARE READY, WE ARE WAITING FOR THEM.