Have you heard or even said those words?

Today I sit and ponder ‘suppressed emotions’ that many masked women have buried so deeply that I see percolate in subtle ways as behaviour.

The most suppressed emotions women have are hate and hurt and yet they are the most denied.

This is from EXPERIENCE after removing hundreds of womens surface emotions that they think disguise these so well to the point of being 100% denied. Then once they settle finally these ones are fully felt because their mind now thinks they are ready to deal with it.

(Suppressed emotions are only ‘suppressed’ because your unconscious mind doesn’t think you are ready to deal with them, they are at a very deep level and mostly the opposite of what one THINKS is the problem. eg. feeling anger and rage is most likely hurt, feeling fear and inferiority etc is often hate or anger)

Hate is such a dirty word and we are told WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT EVER HATE. I even said it to my children.
So why should it be the only ‘feeling’ we deny at all costs, even our own health? Because we’ve been TOLD it’s bad, that’s the only reason why. Because we don’t like it. We think its ‘evil’. The truth is, if it’s there it’s there. To deny it means to never get help.

Could it be so denied for so many decades that it is festering away beneath all of the anger, fear, resentment, anxiety, self loathing, low self-esteem, suppression, overwhelm, and all the many things women present to us with? Of course its very few who will admit to feeling it or even allow the possibility.

So does denying it make it not real? Does feeling hate mean you are a bad person? NO NO AND DOUBLE NO!!! It means you are HUMAN and simply have a lesson to get. THAT’S ALL IT MEANS. We are not our feelings or our behaviours or beliefs (truths that some will die for). We are wayyyyyyy MORE than that.

Why are we allowed to feel fear yet not hate? I know many won’t fully get this message because it will press your anti-hate buttons but at least consider….. Is fear ‘prettier’ than hate? More acceptable? We know that anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame and resentment all cause health issues however I want the world to confront hate and GET RID OF IT but first by owning it (acknowledging it) else you cannot get rid of it.

CREATRIX® removes all of the above in less that hours!!!! IT REALLY DOES LADIES. FROM LIFETIMES OF TORMENT TO NEUTRAL by having you discover your own life learnings in record time.

Its about getting the learning so you can let go of the charge entirely instead of ‘coping’ which just causes suppressed emotions because ‘coping’ is about allowing them to boil away inside of you causing dis-ease in the body because then you don’t have to ‘feel’ something at full force. AND that was very useful BEFORE Creatrix®.

Its about admitting you are human, own it, get what you need to learn (via CREATRIX®) then letting it go from your body and mind. So THEN you can be free to break the cycles that run as deep as ‘hate’ and ‘hurt’ that most of the world is denying because our cultures suppress it even further via denial and disgust.

WE NEED MORE TRANSFORMOLOGISTS® TO DO CREATRIX® because women are awakening to our amazing process that strips out ALL past conditioning, regardless of how deep it runs.

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TOGETHER WE CHANGE THE WORLD BY SETTING WOMEN REALLY and TRULY FREE. Let’s remove the problems from the roots and not teach ‘coping’ when we don’t have to anymore.