This could be you attending our next Creatrix® Facilitator Program. Here’s the summary of what women experienced in just the 5 day live segment of their first year’s training.

Coming from 3 different countries – India, America and Australia, these beautiful women, from very different backgrounds helped each other to completely resolve long-lasting, sabotaging beliefs….

Each item on the following list has been identified for the participants, they then get the personalised breakthrough to help them facilitate authentically with their future clients…. meaning they will also have irreversible transformations because of the work they did this week!…

Check this out:-

  • Afraid of what other people will think
  • Ridiculed
  • Not Allowed
  • Very critical of myself
  • Expect Highly of myself
  • Not good enough
  • Rejected
  • I need to protect myself
  • It’s too hard
  • It’s not safe for me to feel
  • Anger
  • Violated
  • I don’t want to feel hurt
  • Not totally able to trust
  • I’ve been fighting and struggling all that time
  • I’m not meeting their needs or expectations
  • Tense
  • I’m not accepted enough
  • My whole life has been a lie
  • Fear of loosing sales
  • Punished for Speaking
  • Comparing myself
  • I will not be able to perform when I need to perform
  • I’ve never felt loved
  • Perfectionist
  • I am not patient
  • Judgemental
  • It’s not safe
  • Others take advantage
  • Unseen
  • I can’t rely on myself to provide safety and security
  • Being sensitive feels like a crime
  • Failure
  • People who have money are evil people
  • Their needs are bigger than mine
  • I can’t succeed
  • Lonely
  • I’m not important enough to be remembered
  • I don’t trust
  • Criticism
  • My worth is tied into my income
  • I hate conflict
  • Suppressed
  • Change is scary

And this is not even HALF of the issues that were resolved!!

Do you resonate with any of them in any way?! I wonder what life would look like for YOU if it was completely, irrevocably resolved? Mmmmm

Our philosophy means that every training facilitator must experience Creatrix themselves – thoroughly – so that they can genuinely and ethically share their own transformation with clients…. it takes the ‘sleeze’ out of sales, and it gives each of our facilitators real confidence to be the walking talking example of what a Creatrix Breakthrough can offer others.

THIS CAN BE YOU LADIES!! We’re rapidly expanding with more and more women from different countries joining our sisterhood, because now more than EVER, women are recognising there is a REAL NEED for something different – something that fills the missing piece of healing for women.

Each of the ladies from this months course first experienced a Trial Creatrix Session – so they had a real life experience to draw from. This is available for you – contact us to arrange YOUR Creatrix® Trial session! Especially if you still find yourself sitting on the fence, or being held back by a fear, doubt or insecurity – we WANT to help YOU (so you can get out there and make the difference you KNOW you’re on this planet to make!)

Love Maz xx

Institute of women
Institute of women