If you’re a Therapist, Coach, Counsellor or Someone Who Wants To Be… Keep reading, this could be the most insightful information you read today.

Want to love what you do and make a massive impact for other women’s lives?

First, let me de-mystify why women’s brains are different from men’s brains. A woman’s brain is like a big ball of wire and it’s connected to everything. It’s like an internet superhighway and it’s all driven by energy we call emotion and it’s one of the reasons we remember everything.

We know that we spend more time questioning, over-thinking, doubting ourselves, thinking, worrying, carrying the weight of the world and trying to process our emotions as well.

Females are natural nurturers and we have intuition and gut instinct, which makes us good empathisers and we are wired to multitask.

We have 25% more heart to head connection than a male as well. Not to mention, we are highly focused and we are more likely to take things personally.

Women can gauge mood and senses and we can have all 4 seasons in one day sometimes, depending on what our uterus is up to, so hormones play a part as well in our thinking and behaviour.

Plus, as crazy as this sounds, science now proves that our DNA carries a memory that impacts how women live today… Ever seen the same trauma play out in one generation after another? The layman’s term for it would be ‘inherited stress responses’, although scientists call it Epi-genetics and it’s the reason for so much of our unwanted emotional baggage. Don’t google it just yet..

Evidence suggests our sex affects the brain and behaviour in a bigger way than we’ve been previously taught.

Now that we understand and are aware of this, why on God’s Earth are we still being taught outdated traditional self development, counselling and other therapies that were originally developed by men?

For too many years men have designed processes that are developed with the assumption that female brains work in the same way as males.

They have all completely missed the mark, yet these are the foundations current methods have been built on.


Think about it, how many people do we know who have had years of counselling, psychology or hypnosis but are still held down by past traumas and have it keep coming back with no breakthroughs?!  When this happens, the coach or counsellor feels like a fraud and an imposter and begins to doubt themselves.

You see, after years and years of study in this field, a Queensland woman discovered the missing piece of the puzzle. She became obsessed with understanding why women were not rising beyond a certain level and not able to achieve their dreams or break through as she herself had done.

This inspiring woman formulated a way that women can rapidly, permanently and PAINLESSLY remove the blockages from the past that are holding women back. Having results for women who want to feel more whole, more peace, more loving and successful.

This is a uniquely designed and formulated method for women BY A WOMAN. It is by far her best, most cutting edge innovation that entirely breaks a woman through her ‘stuff’, her ‘baggage’ and her limitations.


Imagine the impact you could have for yourself and other women by learning this methodology. Imagine the pressure it would take off you mentally, emotionally and financially.

Sounds too good to be true I hear you ask silently? Well, it’s helped thousands of women already around the world set hearts free.  Just read and see our raving testimonials.

But…This is NOT for everyone.  Here is who we can help.

There is a criteria for the women we want to speak with:

  • Women who are serious about making change within themselves

  • Women who want a new career path or to add an additional tool to their current modalities (one they can even guarantee)

  • Women who are passionate and want to make an impact on the lives of other women

  • Female coaches of some sort, who want to get lasting and permanent results for their female clients so they get raving referred clients for a sustainable business that grows organically.

Curious? If this sounds like something you want to know more about and would like to talk to us about getting incredible results for business, coaching or personal life..

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Naturally, we can only take a certain number of women until we reach full capacity for this offer, so be sure to get in quick so you don’t miss out!

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