1. A RADICAL WAKE UP CALL BLEEP MOMENT IN LIFE that’s so shocking, time stands still.

In these naturally occurring events that very few people ever experience, I’ve unpacked a few of the conditions present that make the change permanent.
They are:
> you’re not in any danger at that very moment,
> all your faculties are suspended from the shock factor and
> the world goes silent while you
> get downloaded with emotional resilience life learnings (EQ).

It’s THIS KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, these NEW BELIEF SYSTEMS that replace your entire internal programming, caused by the healing effect it brings to any old trauma wounding and sabotaging behaviours.

This creates renewed conviction to take the actions to change your life, at all costs, regardless of how many other failed attempts you’ve made before. This is very different to past decision making. These decisions are made in concrete, not sand.

The problem is it usually occurs from such a shocking life threatening event, an unexpected traumatic event, like waking up from a heart attack or a stroke.

Or like me, waking up after my first ever, out of the blue (at 32 years old) epileptic fit on the side of a highway, whilst fleeing again from DV.

NEVER are these pleasant life transformational occurrences, but instead of the sudden traumatic event causing a PTSD,  it resolves past trauma PTSD’s.

2. A NEW DECISION OR NEW ACTION – If a life is being lived against your gut instinct, for your highest good, this is needed. It’s time and you somehow find a way to make that change.

Changing your life circumstances in some way, through no longer continuing the way you were being before.

Stopping something that was NOT in your highest good, and swapping it out for a life and lifestyle that DOES serve your highest good.

For example, uncoupling from a partner, saying “no” in situations you always said “yes” to, even if you’re scared. It could be moving out of a house, standing up to a bully, moving town or whatever else your GUT has been telling you that you’ve ignored.

Sounds easy, but occasionally you see this. Just knowing you can is sometimes all you need.

For whatever reason,  the male brain tends to be able do this more often, whereas the emotional content behind this very conscious way of creating radical life change, makes it too hard for most women to sustain. She needs emotional healing to be able to do this so that’s why Creatrix® is now an option for women.



3. CREATRIX®️ the deep underlying emotions that are experienced through having the same set of conditions in place through the design of Creatrix that occur in the wake up call above.

This has the same outcome as the natural occurring wake up can.

How? Well, through that filterless, timeless, silent and ‘pure’ state of clarity, you hear your own higher consciousness advising you (otherwise called wise realisations/epiphanies), like a rapid, radically life altering download of emotional wisdom that enables the bravery to make new decisions, even if they’re tough. It’s that which helps cause new, resolute decisions to be made as in above number two.. changing your energy in these ways, changed what you now attract into your life.

So ultimately, Creatrix®️ is the way to experience the 2 above, on purpose and simply, due to the fact the Creatrix therapy is designed uniquely for the way women process and hold on to unresolved traumas.

If most women change only beliefs, release emotions only, or try to consciously tell herself affirmations that her higher self knows she doesn’t actually believe deep down, she usually gets temporary change.

This can create an internal conflict within her as now they conflict with her deeper values, other beliefs or unresolved deep emotional issues.

Healing and ‘pure unfiltered wisdom gaining’ is the way for rapid, lasting change. The problem is thus resolved as deeply as between the molecules of your very cells, transforming the liquidity of your being, resetting your frequency, your vibration, your values, your beliefs, your thoughts and eventually it ripples out to change your behaviour.

The hardest way to get lasting change is at the layer of behaviour. Behaviour is at the effect of all the deep layers running on automation. If you don’t work more deeply, you will require willpower, and it doesn’t get harder than that, especially for women as we are more unconsciously operating emotions that will block our willpower.

Consider becoming a Creatrix® Transformologist® to help women turn their lives around or improve the life they’ve already started to recreate on their own, making her journey faster and more effortless.

Love and belief in you, Maz xx