How amazing is the design of women?
We are Co-creators of life itself. The truth is in us, of where to find the root of our issues. It makes so much sense that our issues come from past events within our bloodlines as the memory in uterus’s is complete and not just of this generation.
Just study Epigenetics and history like I did before.
It’s this that lead to the designing of Creatrix®️.
Pre witch hunting era, we were revered for being co-creators of life.
Did you know Creatrix®️ is so unique because it’s the only women’s root cause break through modality in existence today? This is why we at Institute of Women International know is required by every single coach or therapist in the world is they are to truly help their female patients and clients to let go of their blocks FOR GOOD.
We owe it to our biological gender to help them break the cycle of we are to create a future of unencumbered, Liberated women who are in all truth, able to believe in themselves fully in a sustainable way. This week I’ll be releasing IN THIS GROUP, all the ways that make us female so when you join us and become a facilitator and Transformologist®️, you have all of that information to teach also to your groups and communities. Let’s together bring women back into themselves. Let’s TRULY empower women.