We are NOT MLM, we are NOT a direct selling company. There is zero commissions. HOWEVER I want Creatrix Transformologists to always feel inspired and to feel special to help them stay motivated. After all, they are taking my baby (Creatrix) out into the world so it can deliver its magic to women.
Being in business can be lonely and you can easily do nothing because 1. Women are not naturally money driven, even though we need it to live and get us what we want, it’s rarely enough on its own to cause us to constantly self motivate. And 2. After having Creatrix done on ourselves (it’s free for facilitators anytime), we are left with nothing to prove to anyone and no longer cares what others think of us. You’d be surprised how many women deep down only work for those 2 motivators.
So I decided to help them WANT to motivate themselves through a recognition program. I have 3 awards.
1. The heart award! There are 3 recipients. They vote for this, as it’s not something we as a training and support company have any say in.
Then there’s the Perfect 10. These women received their perfect 10 quality heart charms and here’s them after receiving them.
The 3rd is new and it’s our Ambassador program. This one has money incentives and all sorts of things to keep them motivated. Lots of bonuses and things.
No matter what any of the Creatrix Transformologists do, they are loved, appreciated and we want what’s best for them no matter what that is, however, as women come in all sorts, we wanted different positive ways to support them.
Women shine in an environment where they know they’ve got support and have like minded women available for them to teach out to.
We believe we’ve created THE PERFECT ‘THRIVING’ program for women who know they’re born to set other women’s hearts free from all the pains of life so they can be their best selves.
Making it a career for themselves is one thing, but to make it a lifestyle and be one of the hearts set free, means we also have THE MOST AUTHENTIC WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FACILITATORS in the entire industry.
If you’re in this group, it means you have a vision, are in a mission, and also are passionate about helping women. You don’t have to do it alone, you can join us and have even more success. Don’t put this decision off out of doubts and insecurities, we can Creatrix all that stuff. That’s just sabotage. 93 out of 93 reviews are 5 stars. In fact, many of our women are IN THIS GROUP because we’re an open book. TRUST HOW YOU ENDED UP IN HERE!
As an influencer, don’t block yourself from how far and how many you are born to help. Do it NOW or don’t do it at all! Just decide!
We are waiting to help you like you’ve never been helped before. You don’t lose your independence if that’s what you love because although we have so much to offer, you can simple take and leave what you desire. But no one is an island and whether you take it or not, it can also be lonely at the top. We all need human connection and we supply the kind that are unblocked women just like you would be. Our people are YOUR people that are hard to find in this planet, especially lately. Reach out now and at least have a trial session. These are only available to women seriously considering our program.
Send us an email to [email protected] with your country and say “TRIAL PLEASE”.
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