Our founder Maz Schirmer was thrilled to interview Nanine McCool for a deep and candid dive into the entire issue surrounding THE TONY ROBBINS #metoo controversy.

We looked into possible solutions and how women can reclaim the word VICTIMHOOD. This word was seized from victims and used metaphorically by powerfully influential people in the personal development space, to broadly cover blame and excuses without understanding how this was shaming and suppressing very real victims of crimes. This especially highlights how would stop women standing up and saying #metoo.

If you’ve been living under a rock and missed the news on this global uproar, watch Nanine McCool interviewed on the Megyn Kelly Show, where Megyn shared footage of the actual event during which Nanine was physically pushed across the stage in front of thousands of witness as he towers over her. This will give our interview context so you can enjoy the very real and candid dsicussion on not just this event, but what can we be doing to create change and become part of the solution and break the cycle.




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