Creatrix®️ can’t change you, it can only make you wiser in the area you struggled in, so you just do and think more intelligently. Enough to be able to make better choices from your gut, rather than a noisy head. 
So we don’t CHANGE you, we TRANSFORM you into your Empowered-Healed-Heart-intelligent, rust-removed-gut-antenna SELF. Or else it would be called ‘Changeology.’
I am so ‘me’ and that never changes, so sometimes people think changing their life means changing themselves.
No… we don’t change people, we change lives by revealing MORE of a woman’s REAL self!
Creatrix®️ is a self-education program, done by you, to you, facilitated by someone who’s job is to help you tap into your pool of wisdom and extract whatever it is you need to learn. There is no input from us, because we have no idea what it is your particular individual self needs to learn from your past pain.
In fact, while this is happening, you aren’t even in the process as your current ‘blocked’ self, so that’s also why it’s so safe. The learnings are always perfect for the individual and not tainted or what others (the gurus who know it all and your partners) might want you to learn. 
It’s thousands of times faster than the alternate ways to aquire the same rise in personal growth, normally taking 30 years of attending personal development events or reading hundreds of self help books, yet rarely do you see cycle-breaking results like Creatrix®️ outside of uncanny events such as near-death experiences.
It’s NOT rocket science, it’s simple for every layperson to do. 
Not everyone is ready for us to be our true, whole, ‘enough’ self – so you could even be seen by some as a bitch. Well, that’s because where you used to take sh!t, you don’t anymore… You’re WISER!
You’re no longer easy to walk over or be played for a fool or USED, bullied or guilt-tripped. Not everyone will like that.
When they try their usual way of treating you and that doesn’t work they say you’ve ‘changed’.
Nope, you now see without your old lenses of insecurity and guilt. What you now see may not always be what you hoped because you’d always believed them that it was YOU that needed to be fixed when in fact, now you see it was THEIR truth, not THE truth. 
Sometimes when your eyes are opened, you see the results of your old choices in your life for what they really are. And sometimes there’s a little mess to clean up (sometimes even a big one), or boundaries to set. It can even seem like you got worse for a wee while, or however long it takes to untangle yourself from your old choices.