Learn More About Maz’s, Revolutionary, Ground Breaking Creatrix Z.0™, and Why it’s Safe and Unique

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What happened during an early developmental shock event experienced by a young girl child, is they prematurely interpret and assume reality and perceptions that get ingrained and are otherwise unrecognisable as beliefs, due to the time freeze, causing the conscious mind to kick in too early in development.

These very immature assumptions, are so deeply set, so ingrained, so tattooed at a cellular level, they cannot be discovered in any way we’ve ever seen outside of Creatrix Z.0™. These ‘assumptions’ are warped ‘knowings’ (they know it outside of awareness beneath all other layers of beliefs) in regards to good, bad, right, wrong and appropriate consequence.

Creatrix Z.0™ has already been tested on more than 140 women and with incredible results (more than 500 registered life improvements so far) in not just removing the signs of PTSD, but in resetting the Automatic Stress Responses and daily baseline.

All Creatrix methods work through healing the epigenetical, deep level of cyclic turmoil we see as patterns usually running generations deep.

Due to the female brain difference evidenced in the latest science (and there are very few tests even done on ‘actual’ female brains AT ALL) women suffer a FREEZE stress response in a different way, and way more easily than male brains, closing down the intelligence areas in the front of the brain (making us likely to make the poor patterned decisions), due to the additional area referred to as the ‘vulnerability’ brain region entirely lighting up at the time, not seen in male brains when triggered by the same stress stimuli.

All other stress responses get set AFTER the freeze, including the long term ‘fawn’ response (follows from ‘flee’ response) typical of women. And, the ‘victim’ role experienced at the time by the small girl child, can cause devastating effects on the female-sex-brained being, wreaking havoc on hormones, even causing explosive fight responses at times, when triggered. More likely though she is suppressing this, like a boiling pot of acid, waiting to explode, possibly leading to dis-ease and mystery ‘auto’ immune diagnoses or mystery pain.

Although Creatrix® and Creatrix Z.0™ are completely, 100% designed to bring through wisdom needed by that particular individual, according to her family experiences that no one ever could have known was needed at the bloodline level, it’s facilitated ONLY by REGISTERED, LICENSED, ACCOUNTABLE, CERTIFIED, AND UP TO DATE TRAINED Transformologists who put safety first.

Mind you, Creatrix® is so safe for several reasons, the first being that the client is in no way in the story, and neither is anyone she knows and secondly, she’s completely immersed into the ultimate bliss perspective that contains so other realities.

A Creatrix® Transformologist® knows their role is to ‘guide’ a woman for her own deep inner learnings to the way Creatrix® was designed (exclusively divulged to them), by our founder and award winning innovator, Marylin (Maz) Schirmer, who created it to work for females, in an original way, to bring about a wake up call, not unlike the one she experienced personally, as well as from proven, personal hypothesis unique to Maz herself, as a pioneer, researcher and expert in the ‘actual’ psychology of women.

All Transformologists are well trained, resit 12 hours of continuous training every year to stay currently licensed, and remains a member to be able to get trainers support at any time, have all questions answered, and even gets Creatrix® personally so she entirely understands the experience, even whilst taking clients, for their support and your confidence as a client. Creatrix’s ‘epigenetic’ design was made to fill the gap of women not getting lasting results using universal methods.

Creatrix® uses a metaphorical visualisation guided process (eyes are closed for focus as it’s not hypnosis, and in fact works in an opposite way) to access wisdom or realisations from the same realm of unconscious mind that creates life in a uterus (installing the epigenetics in the engine room that is a uterus) outside of our awareness, therefore fits the uterus-operating-brain like a glove.

Thus why it works so well and DOES NOT work on a brain inside of a body without a uterus (biological male). Even if a uterus is removed, it STILL WORKS due to the fact every single cell in a uterus born body is wired for this system. #creatrixit #creatrixz0 #childhoodtrauma