Did you know that a baby boy follows movement of your entire face whereas a girl baby looks more at the finer facial expressions.

The genders are programmed like this so that a a female can recognise subtle clues to how another person is feeling. The male is programmed for movement thus their love of sports and balls and people moving around spacially. For females this is so that we can later recognise the unconscious needs of our babies. For males this is so that they can see if something is invading the camp and they need to protect us or go hunt which requires noticing movement amongst the still environment.

In bodies of knowledge such as NLP (discovered by men) they assume that we all can ‘learn’ rapport to achieve ‘sensory awareness’ by this major conscious intention of reading facial subtle shifts and matching and mirroring others but actually, women have this ability as an innately female trait. In fact, the more a male stresses the less he can recognise the emotions and subtle cues of others. Under brain scans conducted on the genders at Dr Amen clinics scans proves this as areas of the brain are lighting up in different areas during simple conversation. What this can mean is that when we most expect our male partners and sons to pay attention to our subtle cue’s and read our moods etc. they in fact cannot. When we realise this fact we can simply adjust to being more direct when they are under stress and not expect them to be tuned in as we are.

In the workplace this is obvious when a woman wants to climb to a position of leadership and expects that the boss will ‘notice’ her qualities whilst a man will simply voice his qualities and then he gets the job. Women are more inferential, this means that we expect others to read us when we don’t directly tell someone what we want.

A great test for this is simply say you are thirsty and watch the 2 gender differences. The majority of men will not respond wondering why you are not getting yourself a drink. The woman will most likely ask you if you want a drink.

Why is this important? Well it means we already can do rapport extremely well. We communicate with our thousands of words and tens of thousands of daily thoughts we produce all whilst doing rapport at an unconscious level. That makes us naturals at rapport. In fact I found I had to let go of ‘trying’ to do rapport consciously and go back to trusting that I already do it and that’s one less thing to worry about, especially when working with people in business.

I am telling you ladies, we are amazingly under-utilised for our innate strengths but not when you become aware of it and start to trust your amazing female self. We are acutely aware of those who surround us. Our sensory acuity is crisp. This means we are extremely gifted.

Why else is this important? Well it means we are natural leaders of women, healers, we are natural interviewers, we are natural counselors. Also due to our extra large limbic system (the part of us where emotions originate) we empathise more easily with others. How great is this if you are a coach or a mentor or a trainer? It’s brilliant! We are natural leaders!!! Yep, we lead our children, we lead our households (shhhh but yes we do have way more influence than we give ourselves). In fact the problems we have in leading can only occur from feeling suppressed. This is when we stop leading naturally. We stop leading ourselves and then we lose our confidence leading, especially those we don’t have an emotional investment in such as in the workplace.

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